Digital problem solver with a multi-diciplinary design approach to the strategy role

To sum it up

The Kaospilots

3 years

Wolff Olins

4 months

Riot Bernard

8 months


Project Manager
1 years 7 months


Digital Advisor
9 months

Hello Group

Senior Strategic Planner
2 years 10 months

“Few people have a bigger appetite for knowledge trends, technology and business concepts than Mikkel Køster. He is a sponge for inspiration and a fountain of input about all things digital.” - Jakob Langemark, CEO, Hello Group.

Winner of Hello Group’s “Curiosity Award 2015”

In my role as Senior Strategic Planner I help build life enhancing and wonderful digital products that empower and delight people by merging critical
thinking with creative thinking and understanding human needs and behaviour.

I work at the cross roads of design, technology and business

I have over 5 years of experience with strategic design and conceptual work

I never give up. I'm a 3-time Ironman finisher and a vigorous cyclist . I always bring this dedication and goal-oriented approach to all my work and I love to inspire the common pursuit in creating exceptional value for the client and the users.

I’ve been told I am the “guardian of positivism”

My preferred arsenal or digital tools


Super slick and fast email client. Simplified to the bone and by far the best looking email client out there.


Essential and amazing tool for conceptual work and prototyping - for both desktop and mobile. This very website was designed in Sketch.


Easily the best presentation
software. Even works amazingly
to create animations and
transition prototypes.


For calculating and presenting
those budgets in a clean and
visually appealing way.


Trello keeps track of everything and  has a multi-functional purpose. Anything from project overviews, flows charts, and to-do lists.


Keeping track of all those notes across your devices and with Scannable paper notes quickly becomes digital.


Slack kills internal emails and you can create working groups and share knowledge with colleagues.


Powerful design prototyping tool
to create clickable and interactive prototypes that integrates seamless with Sketch. 

Sites I go to for inspiration

Do you want to know more?

Mikkel Køster
+45 6165 1065

I work closely with the Planning Director,
UX- and design teams in solving tough problems within strategic design and I assist the management team with new business concepts for amazing clients.

I am the architect of the early project vision

I have over 5 years of experience with service design and conceptual work



Go-to-person for insights on emerging technology and digital trends. Being a digital native I bridge technology with design, and give presentations to anchor and share that knowledge.


Experience strategist able to navigate high-level thinking as well as create detailed design outputs. Advising on innovative business transformations and fluent in strategic thinking and service design.

Experience Design

I solve complex design challenges. Exceptional presentations and wireframe designs. Adept at idea generation, working with insights and experiences, and translating them into unique digital solutions.

I have a relentless pursuit of quality in my work





I never give up. Having completed 3 Ironman’s and being a vigorous cyclist is also a testament to this. I always bring this dedication and goal orientated approach to all my service design work.

I’ve been told I am “the guardian of positivism”

Show me your home screen and I will tell
you who you are...

I'm naturally curious and always keep my self up to date on emerging technology and digital trends. Being digitally native and tech-savvy also means I am responsible for anchoring that knowledge within Hello Group which has also brought me to SXSW in 2016.

I am adept at guiding new and existing clients to new territories that grow their brands and businesses in the world of digital products and services. I'm part of the Special Forces team with Hello Group, tasked to solve tough problems throughout our digital projects.

I transform business needs, market research and user insights into innovative and impactful concepts. Solving complex challenges has
also helped me achieve an award for "Varier Glow" at the Danish Digital Awards 2016, which was displayed at the IFA in Berlin - a product I conceptualized and prototyped.

I am adept at guiding new and existing clients to new territories that grow their brands and businesses in the world of digital products and services. I'm part of the Special Forces team with Hello Group, tasked to solve tough problems throughout our digital projects.

Mikkel Køster
Senior Strategic Planner

Currently I work as a Senior Strategic Planner at Hello Group -  a strategic design company specializing in solving business problems by solving people problems. I am a graduate of the internationally recognised business and design school The Kaospilots.

Prior to joining Hello Group, I worked as a Digital Advisor at Nodes, one of Northern Europe’s leading app development houses, where I worked with business development. 
Before this, I helped develop digital campaign strategies for Carlsberg, Mars and Coca Cola in my capacity as Creative Project Manager at the below-the-line agency Thinkhouse.